Baby Einstein Party Ideas

Baby Einstein Party Ideas are fun but it's difficult to find kids party supplies with the Einstein gang on them. A newer party theme for toddlers is the Yo Gabba Gabba theme. It's a fun kids show with lots of songs, dancing and game ideas. Take a look at these party supplies you can use when it's time to celebrate your toddlers birthday.

You can find some Little Einstein ideas on this page along with these Yo Gabba Gabba party ideas. I found lots of Yo Gabba party supplies...plates, napkins, cups, banners, favor boxes, even personalized party items...put your child's face right on your party supplies! Hope you enjoy this replacement theme idea for your child's birthday celebration.

Yo Gabba Gabba! Personalized Party Theme

Yo Gabba Gabba! Personalized Party Theme

Keep scrolling to see some Einstein party ideas.

Baby Einstein Party Ideas are fun for little kids and their parents. This kids party theme is full of bright colors! Use red, blue, yellow and green to set a cheerful party mood for your toddler party guests.

Make some decorations out of brightly colored construction paper. It's easy to make your own Little Einstein decorations. Just cut musical notes out of the colored paper. Hang the notes around your room, on the walls, chairs and even tie some to a few helium balloons.

You can get lots of balloons to create a festive look for the younger set. You can even get some punch type balloons to double as a party game. Have cut outs of fun animals on the table and hanging from the stems of the balloons.

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The tablecloth can be a giant white sheet and you can let each guest make handprints with some safe finger paints, by themselves or with their mom and dad helping. Write the name below each handprint. Use the quick dry finger paints and this can be used when everyone sits down to eat. You can keep the tablecloth and it makes a treasured keepsake.

Baby Einstein parties should include some fun classical tunes or some music from the Little Einstein show played on a CD player or stereo. You can help the children dance and move to music. Add bubbles and wave the bubble wand in time to the music.

You can use ball caps or painter caps and white tees for the party guests. Get out some more finger paint and let each child creatively personalize their party gear.

Kids' Birthday Party Supplies

You can make your own birthday cake. Buy a Little Einstein cake topper and put it right on top of your frosted homemade cake. You can also make cupcakes that will fit right in the hands of your young party guests. You can find edible cupcake toppers with Little Einstein designs on them. Use these edible toppers to decorate your cupcakes or just use some bright icings.

Now that you have the party supplies and some fun Baby Einstein party ideas here at Party Ideas Parade you can have the best Baby Einstein party ever!

Yo Gabba Gabba Party Ideas For Kids

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