The Avengers Party Supplies

Get Your Super Avengers Party Supplies! The Avengers Movie Gives Us Some Great Ideas For A Kid's Birthday Party.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a secret Super Hero law enforcement agency and among it's members are: Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. These Super Heroes have come together once again to bring you this great kid's birthday party theme and fun game ideas. Join them, fight evil and have fun with these SUPER exciting kid's Avengers party supplies.

The Avengers Ultimate Party Pack for 8

The Avengers Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Imagine all the fun you can have decorating your party room with these colorful and fun party supplies. Cups, plates, napkins and decorations all with the Avenger theme.

Super Hero Ideas For A Super Fun Kid's Party!

Calling All Heroes - The Avengers Party Invitations

Start your party plans off with a guest list, a party place and date, and some The Avengers Invitations. Fill in the important information your guests will need, time, place, date and who the party is for! Remember to add an RSVP phone number so you can get a guest count. Knowing how many kids are coming will help you to buy the right amount of party supplies, game prizes and party food. These decorated party invitations are just one small sample of the wonderful Avengers party supplies and game ideas you will find.

The Avengers Invitations (8)

The Avengers Party Decorations

You can find many of The Avengers party decorations to make your party room festive and fun. Let The Avengers party supplies help you to make a statement your party guests will find Super thrilling! You've got the The Avengers party supplies you need and now you can find the party decorations.

The Avengers Crepe Paper
That crepe paper streamer paper is pretty cool, don't you think? Well, there's more! You can find The Avengers Hanging Danglers, The Avengers Plastic Tablecover, The Avengers Centerpiece, plus some Avengers decorated mylar balloons and colorful latex ones too.

Avenger Party Favors

Kids party favors are a fun gift to give to your party guests and I found some Avenger party boxes full of cool Super Hero stuff for your party guests. You can buy individual favors or you can buy a complete party have to assemble the boxes and fill them with the favors they come with, but that's easy as can be to do. Here's what these party favor boxes and favors look like.

The Avengers Party Favor Box

Each favor box comes with the decorated box and an Avengers Sticker Sheet, an Avengers Blowout, an Avengers Disc Launcher, an Avengers Wristband and a Black Barrel O Slime. This is an officially licensed "The Avengers" product.

The Avengers Party Game

Another thing you need at a kid's birthday party is a fun party game, or many games. How many games you prepare for your guests is up to you, and here's a great game that's fun for kids you can start with.

The Avengers Pull-String Pinata

You know how to play the pinata game, don't you? Fill the pinata with treats and goodies and hang it up. Stand the kids in a line or circle and give each one a turn. Put a blindfold on the first child, give them a bit of a spin and turn them towards the pinata, and send them off to pull a string. One string will break open the pinata, let the goodies fall out and then the kids get to collect the rewards! Kid's love the pinata game! And look how perfectly this kid's party game matches your Avenger party supplies.

The Avengers Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger Hunts are really popular game ideas and this hunt is designed with The Avengers in mind. The entire theme of this scavenger hunt is The Avengers. Here's what you get when you order this hunt:8 square game cards that measure 4" x 4", 32 round shaped token cards and a box. This game is just right for up to 8 players. Click more on the picture to find out more about this game.

The Avengers Scavenger Hunt Party Game

The Avengers Party Cake And Dessert Ideas

Every kid's birthday party needs a special birthday dessert, and that usually means a cake, but here are some other great ideas you can use to serve the kids a SUPER FUN treat.

the avengers cake pops

Make Some Avenger Cake Pops - You Can See Them At

Cake Pops are hot, hot, hot right now and you can make them yourself with these great step by step directions. On the website Little Lion Baked Goods it shows several different color cake pops being made. A green one was for the Hulk, red was Iron Man, a chocolate for Nick Fury and four peach colored cake pops, one each for Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor. Make yours what ever color you think works best and then decorate them with fondant.

You can also serve a cake or cupcake and use edible images to decorate them. Bake a cake as you usually do, frost it and place the edible images on them. You can make your frosting different colors to match the Avengers and you can also trim the edges of your cupcakes in sugar sprinkles to make them look extra flashy and super!

How To Make The Avengers Cupcakes

I just found a great cupcake decorating tutorial with step by step directions and lots of pictures and they will help you make some The Avengers Cupcakes make some The Avengers cupcakes with fondant icing. This tutorial makes it look EASY to make these Super Hero cupcakes, and your young party guests will think you are a magician when they see these mini birthday cakes! When you combine your The Avengers party supplies, a few games and spectacular dessert ideas like these cupcakes, you are on the right path to creating a fun kid's birthday party! And the perfect way to serve these fun party desserts is the plates in your Avengers party supplies pack, the one you ordered from the top of the page.

the avengers party supplies cupcakes

You can find edible cupcake images to make your Avengers cupcakes SUPER!

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I hope you enjoyed this page of The Avengers party supplies and party ideas to help you plan that special birthday celebration for your child. The Avengers party supplies also contain lots more fun ideas, be sure to check them out by clicking on the party supplies pictures.

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