Avatar Party Ideas And Supplies

Host an Avatar Party and get the party supplies you need to celebrate your child's birthday with this earth friendly movie theme. If you and your child saw this James Cameron movie and loved it, this is the perfect party theme for you. And the best part is the fun and unique party supplies with an Avatar theme:

  • Dinner Plates
  • Dessert Plates
  • Cups
  • Premade Party Favor Box
  • Party Invitations
  • and More!

Avatar Beverage Napkins

Avatar Cups

Avatar Deluxe Box

Plan for decorations of blue in honor of Pandora, the strange world of the very beautiful and very blue Na’vi people. This was the prettiest world with all the luminescent plants and life we saw in the movie. Get some glow in the dark paint and put it on your tablecloth. Some of my favorite scenes are with Jake Sully, an ex-marine and Neytiri of the Omaticaya clan in the beautiful and lush forest. This movie is very earth friendly. Hang a banner that says, "Welcome to Hometree" at the entrance of your party room. Cut your own version of the floating "Hallelujah Mountains" out of paper stock or construction paper. Hang them from your ceiling.

Avatar Party Favors For Kids

Everyone at the party will be thrilled with these party favor boxes straight from Pandora. Get some Avatar party favors like:

  • Avatar Sticker
  • Space Lava
  • Galaxy Hi-Bounce Ball
  • Sticky Tentacle Fling
  • Helicopter Balloon Kit
  • Blue Star Favor Box

With party favors like the tentacle fling or the space lava you are going to feel like you are on the planet of Pandora...wait until the games begin.

Or choose the party favor bag set that comes with:

  • Avatar Sticker
  • Space Lava
  • Galaxy Hi-Bounce Ball
  • Star Straw
  • Solid Punch Balloon
  • Silver Star Bag
This is another favor set the kids will love...so you pick out the one that you like best.

Avatar Dinner Plates

Avatar Deluxe Favor Set

Avatar Favor Set

Avatar Party Invitations

Blue Planet Personalized Banner

Blue Planet Personalized Button

Blue Planet Personalized Invitation

Welcome your guests to the Blue Planet with these Avatar themed party invitations. Send out your themed invites two weeks before your party and make sure you add all the information...who the party is for, where the party is, what time, what date and an RSVP phone number.

Avatar Movie Ticket Party Invitations

Avatar Movie Ticket party invitations are a little bit different than the regular invites for a kids party. These look just like a ticket to the movies...which is where we all saw Avatar in 3-D. Get these invites personalized with your birthday boy or girls name on them and then send them out. They are great.

Free Printable Avatar Coloring Pages

Get some free, printable Avatar coloring pages to use as a party activity. Make sure you have lots of blue crayons and print out as many coloring pages as you like. The kids will enjoy this...kids love to color. Here's where you can get your free Avatar Coloring Sheets

Avatar Birthday Cake Ideas

How are you going to make an Avatar birthday cake? It's easy. Just look for an edible image on Ebay. You will find some amazing images with Jake Sully and Neytiri on them. All you will have to do is bake and frost your cake...blue frosting sounds about right...and place the edible image on top. It will melt into the cakes frosting...like magic. Your cake is done and it looks great.

Party games for an Avatar party are not that easy to come up with. After all, you can't take the kids on a Toruk ride, also called the Great Leonopteryx, can you. There are no Direhorse stables in my neighborhood and probably not yours either. Diving down giant leaves is out too. Those were some amazing scenes in the movie though, weren't they?

But you could turn your party guests into honorary members of the Omaticaya clan with a little bit of safe and gentle blue face paint. Some paints have luminescence qualities in them or some have glitter. Use these to decorate the new clan members.

Have an Unobtanium Hunt in your party room or back yard. Draw a map or have the kids search it out on their own. Hide blue M&Ms in plastic eggs or ZipLoc baggies. The blue candies are perfect for this theme.

Pin the Tail on some strange animal of Pandora. Take your pick of several and draw them or print them out from an picture you find online. Here are you choices:

  • Hexapede or the yerik
  • Mountain Banshee or the ikran
  • Thanator or the palulukan
  • Viperwolf or the nantang
  • Direhorse or the Pa'li
I would pick the Thanator...it is very much like a panther and I think that is the easiest. But if you can make one of the others go for it. It would be great to see it.

Avatar Party Craft Ideas

Kids love a craft project at a birthday party. Make each member of the Omaticaya clan a feather necklace like many of the people wear. Or craft a bead necklace or bracelet out of Unobtanium...dark or silvery beads really. There are many places to find craft supplies online. The one I like the best is the Oriental Trading Company . So take a look at what they have to offer. You can also find party supplies and lots of game prizes there. Put the word gliders in the search box and see if there are any prehistoric looking gliders...they would be fun at this party.

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