Autumn Trivia Questions and Answers

Autumn Trivia questions and answers are an easy way to plan fun games for your next party. Whether it is a kids birthday party, a Halloween party or just a get together for no reason at all, trivia questions and answers are a simple game that is fun for everyone. Depending on your party theme you can find some really cute game prizes to give out to your winners!

Here is an Octoberfest Printable Trivia Quiz about Beer. That is the perfect idea for an Octoberfest party game.

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Our Free Printable Autumn Trivia Questions and Answers

You can use our free printable Autumn Trivia questions and answers if you don't want to buy the printable package we have made available for you from Python Printables. You can also change our questions around and make your own trivia game. It is not difficult to do if you have the time to come up with questions and double check the answers.

Autumn Trivia Questions and Answers

Q.) What famous dress up holiday falls in the Autumn months?
A.) Halloween falls on October 31st every year and it is the dress up holiday when we all don our costumes and go trick or treating.

Q.) Another holiday in Autumn involves the turkey. What is it?
A.) The other popular holiday in Autumn is Thanksgiving Day. Lots of people refer to this one as Turkey Day!

Q.) Autumm is also known as something else. What is it?
A.) Autumn is also know as the Fall.

Q.) When does Autumn officially begin?
A.) Any of these answers it correct.
If you are in the northern hemisphere of Earth, Autumn or Fall begins with the Autumnal equinox September 22-23. Autumn ends with the onset of winter on the Winter solstice Decenber 21-22.
If you are in the southern hemisphere of Earth, Autumn or Fall begins with the Autumnal equinox March 20-21. The season ends with the onset of winter on the Winter solstice June 20-21. Or just write the date you are looking for!

Q.) Name a song about Autumn.
A.) There are many songs written about Autumn. Some songs about autumn are "November Rain" by Guns and Roses. "See You in September" song by The Tempos and the Association and and "Chill of an Early Fall" by George Strait.

Q.) What is the most famous food of the autumn months? You can make a soup or a pie from this. Some people like to carve them up for Halloween.
A.) That's an easy Autumn trivia's a Pumpkin.

Q.) Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?
A.) The pumpkin is a squash like fruit although it is used as a vegetable in meals.

Q.) What do you call a full moon in Autumn?
A.) A full moon in Autumn is called a Harvest Moon.

Q.) Why did the ancient people wear Halloween costumes in Falls?
A.) To hide from ghosts

Q.) What month does Autumn begin?
A.) Autumn begins in the month of September.

Q.) What month does Autumn end?
A.) Autumn ends in the month of December.

Q.) Do we turn our clocks ahead or behind in Autumn?
A.) We turn our clocks behind in Autumn.

Q.) What happens to the leaves on the trees in the Fall?
A.) The leaves on the trees turn colors.

Q.) What is a famous member of the Gourd family?
A.) The pumpkin is a famous member of the gourd family.

Q.) What is a walk through puzzle in a corn field called?
A.) A walk through puzzle in a corn field is called a corn maze.

A.) We carve designs into pumpkins to decorate them for Halloween.

Q.) If you go pumpkin chucking what are you doing?
A.) You are throwing pumpkins! You can do this with your hands or you can use a slingshot, a catapult, or other implements.

Q.) What is a popular flavor that appears almost everywhere in the Fall? A.) Pumpkin Spice is a fall flavor used for coffees, drinks, pies, and more during the Autumn months.

That's an easy enough trivia game for your party.

Another idea for an Autumn trivia quiz is one about Halloween trivia. That should be fact, I am going to make one up! Check it out at Halloween Trivia and there are even more at Halloween Trivia Games.

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