Ariel Party Supplies A Little Mermaid Party

Ariel party supplies, just what you need for a Little Mermaid party.

Find all the party supplies you need with Princess Ariel on them. Ariel is one of the Disney Princesses and they are always a popular girls birthday party theme.

Little Mermaid Deluxe Birthday Box

Little Mermaid Dinner Plates

Little Mermaid Deluxe Favor Set

Ariel Party Favors

Ariel party favors can be so many different things. Find some free, printable Princess Ariel coloring pages and put them into a goodie bag with some crayons. Get some Ariel bubbles, stickers and temporary tattoos. Or get the party boxes that are filled with:

  • Little Mermaid Sticker
  • 1 Little Mermaid Bubbles
  • 1 Jewelry Set
  • 1 Body Glitter
  • 1 Lip Gloss Ring
  • 1 Little Mermaid Favor Boxes
How's that for some fun favor ideas. The guests at your Ariel party will be thrilled with whatever favors you decide on.

Ariel Party Supplies and Party Songs

The Disney Princesses have many CDs out, and if you are lucky enough to have one of them, it will make the perfect party music. If you want to see them, just go to

Princess Party Songs . You can play some musical party games with the girls. Freeze Dance is always fun at a girls party and so is the game, Musical Chairs. Have a sing-a-long with those fun Disney Princess party songs. Of course, Under the Sea Treasure hunts are also fun for the girls. Simply hide some special treat like stickers or edible candy jewelry in some plastic colored eggs and let the treasure hunt begin.

Ariel party supplies are colorful and bright, but a successful kids birthday party also needs Ariel party games too. Party games are fun for the girls and they should be fun for you too, Mom. Plan one or two more than you need so you are prepared if your party moves along faster than you plan.

Print out extra Ariel coloring pages so you can have a fun party activity for the girls too. Little girls love to color and Princess Ariel coloring pages are one of the most popular of all the kid coloring page themes.

Little Mermaid Thank You Notes

Little Mermaid Ultimate Box

Ariel Mylar Balloon

Princess Ariel Cupcakes and Birthday Cake Ideas

When I need Princess Ariel cupcakes or birthday cake ideas, I go to my favorite cake decorating site, a Party Works. Party Works is a cake decorating site that also has some party supplies. For Princess Ariel, aka the Little Mermaid, there is a specialty cake pan, so if you can decorate your own cake...there's the perfect birthday cake pan for this party theme. If you are like me, and are not a "real" cake decorator, have no fear...Party Works can help gals like us...How? By selling already made edible cake and cupcake decorations. Then all we have to do is put them on top of a frosted cake...and they look great! There are sugar decorations, edible cake art images and there are plastic cake toppers with Ariel as their theme. Take a look, I am sure you won't be dissappointed. All the cake design help you can use is waiting at Party Works.

Disney Party Supplies

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