Angry Birds Party Ideas

Angry Birds Party Ideas Will Include Red Birds, Blue Birds, Black Birds, White Birds And Orange Birds! It's A Magic Party Theme For All Seasons So Pick Out Your Party Supplies Today.

Hosting this Avian theme party will be fun and easy. Plan an Angry Birds Scavenger Hunt. Have your party guests, just like the birds in the video game, search for eggs. Hide some pigs in with the eggs to make your scavenger hunt more challenging for older kids. Plan a relay race game with a bird related challenge in the middle. Get a pull string Pig Pinata and let the kids play the always fun Pinata game! Make some Angry Bird cupcakes and have a blast with this new and unique party theme. Start your plans with some great party supplies, supplies that have those popular video game Birds on them!

Angry Birds Deluxe Party Pack for 8 & 8 Favor Boxes

Angry Birds Party Favors

Every kids party needs some fun party favors and with this party theme you can find a fun filled party favor box or you can find separate favors. The box contains:

  • Small Noise Putty
  • Pop Rocks Candy
  • Laser Disc Spin Top
  • Glow Stick
  • Assorted Angry Birds Rubber Bracelet
That's a great assortment of favors and I don't know one kid who wouldn't want them. There are also a couple favor ideas that are sold separately. Here they are...

Angry Birds Metal Dogtag NecklaceAngry Birds Rubber Bracelet

You can also pick up some of the dog tags or the rubber bracelets to use as party game prizes. Everyone loves game prizes...almost as much as they like playing party games. This party theme is based on video game characters, so you have to plan plenty of games. I named three up top, a scavenger hunt, a relay race and a pull string pig pinata. Remember, when you play the pinata game you must fill the pinata up with goodies and treats.

Angry Birds Pull-String Pinata

This is a game for all seasons. So plan an Angry Birds Halloween party with some "Trick or Treat" fun. Or a "Season's Greedings" party for the Christmas holiday season. February can bring in a Valentine's Angry Birds party with a "Hogs and Kisses" theme. Then of course there is March with St. Patrick's Day, that will call for a "Go Green, Get Lucky" party theme. April and Easter parties with these birds as the theme can be all about "Easter Eggs"! If you would like to host a summer Angry Bird party, how about a "Summer Pignic" theme for some fun.

More fun party game prizes for an Angry Birds party!

September's the month of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, so plan an Angry Birds "Mooncake Festival". and a summer update, "Summer Pignic", in June 2011.[89] In September 2011, "Mooncake Festival" was released in conjunction with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. That bring us back to October with another fun party theme for your Angry Birds party ideas, it's the "Ham'O'Ween" theme. "Wreck the Halls" is another idea for a December Angry Bird party...although I don't know how good a theme Wrecking the Halls will don't want anyone wrecking your home, do you? Even without that last one, you now have a party theme for every season that incorporates the Angry Birds party ideas you've been thinking about.

I almost forgot about the cupcakes for this Bird theme party! Check out where to find edible icing cupcake toppers and other cupcake decorating ideas for this fun party theme. Angry, But Delicious, Bird Cupcakes!

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