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The Angelica Pirate Costume From Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Will Be One Of The Most Popular Of All The Lady Pirate Costumes This Year.

Find out some fun facts about Angelica Melon.

She is the first mate of Blackbeard the pirate.

They sail on Blackbeard's ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge.

Angelica is also Blackbeard's daughter.

Angelica is played by Penelope Cruz in the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

She is looking for the Fountain of Youth and believes that Jack can help her.

It's a swashbuckling tale of adventure and excitement on the high seas. Take a look at the Angelica costume and see if it's the right one for you.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Prestige Adult Costume - Medium (8-10)

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Prestige Adult Costume

The Angelica female pirate costume is an officially licensed Disney product and it this 6 piece costume includes:
  • The Quilted Jacket With Satin Lining
  • Paisley Design Vest
  • White Off The Shoulder Shirt With A Ruffled Edge And An Attached Look Corset
  • A Belt With a Big Buckle In Faux Brass
  • Black Pants
  • The Lady Pirate Hat With A Large Feather Decoration
There are cheaper Angelica costumes that are nice, but this outfit is about the best you are going to find online. Just click on the costume picture to find out more information about this lady pirate costume.

More Angelica Pirate Costumes

Here is a picture of the cheaper Angelica pirate costume and you know's not bad at all. Why don't you take a look and see if you can see a huge difference in the quality of this less expensive costume, I only see there's no jacket. If you only plan on wearing this outfit one time, I would go with the less expensive version. I know my family and I save and recycle costumes year after year...when we search our costume bins there are tons of outfits and accessories in there. When we buy the cheaper costumes they hold up pretty well. Save money where you can...and this Angelica costume might be a great place to start this Halloween.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Deluxe Adult Costume - Medium (8-10)

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Deluxe Adult Costume - Medium (8-10)

The Deluxe Angelica Costume comes with a paisley print vest, off the shoulder top and a corset, leggings boot covers and the Lady Pirate Hat that I am loving...just look how cute it is and that feather is a great touch. Click on the picture of this piratess costume and you will see a zoom in function. That means you can take a really close up look at this costume to see the details. That's a great way to decide which of these female pirate costumes is for you.

More Angelica Facts

I am not telling you what happens when Jack and Angelica attempt to get the Fountain of Youth but I will tell you the end. SPOILER ALERT...if you haven't seen the movie yet don't read this. In the end Jack leaves Angelica stranded on a desserted island but it would seem that Angelica is going to have the last laugh when she find's Blackbeard's Voodoo doll of Jack Sparrow. Hummm...what is she going to do with that?

It's a fun movie and a fun pirate costume for women. Angelica is quite a character. Have fun dressing up like this adventurous piratess.

The Lady Pirate Hat For The Angelica Pirate Costume

If you are going to make your own pirate costume this Halloween the Angelica costume is pretty simple to make. You need black pants, a vest...if you happen to have a paisley one that's great, a loose blouse - this can be an off the shoulder version or choose one with billowing sleeves, a corset and a belt with a big buckle. You can add pirate jewelry, a cutless pirate sword and even treasure chest purse. You can find the accesories by clicking on any of the pictures of Angelica on this page. One accessory you might want to buy is the Lady Pirate Hat that Angelica's cute as can be, and it will complete your Angelica Pirate Costume look perfectly.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Deluxe Pirate Hat (Adult)

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Angelica Deluxe Pirate Hat (Adult)

Lady Pirate Hat Ideas

Female Pirate Costumes

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