Andy Griffith Show Trivia Questions and Answers

Andy Griffith Show Trivia questions and answers for your next party. These fun, printable trivia questions challenge and entertain your party guests. They are great party ice breakers. Games help your guests get to know each other and that is the best way to get your party started! So, all you Andy Griffith Show fans, here are the questions and answers for your enjoyment.

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Printable Trivia Questions

Yep, we've got printable trivia questions about Sherrif Andy, Deputy Barney, Little Opie and Aunt some of the other residents of Mayberry. Don't you remember watching this classic TV show? It warmed all of our hearts and many Americans tuned in week after week for years. Well, if you have a classic TV show channel you can still find The Andy Griffith Show on TV. If you are a fan you will enjoy playing this fun game. If you want to find other fun printable games just visit our Printable Trivia Questions page. You can find lots of professionaly designed printables there.

Andy Griffith Show Trivia Questions

1. What was Sheriff Andy's Last Name?

2. What is the name of Andy's Aunt?

3. Today we know him as a famous director, but in the Andy Griffith show he played Andy's son, Opie...who is it?

4. Name Andy's cousin on the show.

5. Where did Aunt Bea live?

6. How many bullets did Deputy Barney Fife have?

7. Where did Barney keep his bullets?

8. Who was the barber in Mayberry?

9. What show was The Andy Griffith show a spin off of?

10. How many Emmy Awards did Don Knotts win?

11. What is Andy's marital status?

12. How long did the Andy Griffith Show run?

13. How many seasons did Andy Griffith Show run?

14. How many episodes were made in that time?

15. How many episodes did Andy Griffith appear in?

16. How many Andy Griffith show episodes did Ronny Howard appear in?

17. What was the name of the Andy Griffith theme song?

18. Who ran the service station in Mayberry?

19. Who was often in the drunk tank?

20. Who is Barney Fife's girlfriend?

21. Tell us some catchphrases Gomer Pyle used in the show

That's it for the Andy Griffith Show trivia questions. Now go ahead and check out the Andy Griffith Show trivia answers. Print these out for your party guests and watch everyone light up as they begin to recognize the answers! It's fun to play trivia! These TV show facts are fun for everyone.

Andy Griffith Show Trivia Answers

1. Sheriff Andy's last name is Taylor

2. Aunt Bea is Andy's Aunt

3. Ron Howard played Opie Taylor as a child

4. Deputy Barney Fife worked with Andy, but was also his cousin

5. Mayberry is the name of the town where Aunt Bee lived with Andy and Opie

6. Barney was only allowed to have 1 bullet

7. Barney had to keep his 1 bullet in his pocket

8. Floyd Lawson was Mayberry's barber

9. Make Room for Daddy with Danny Thomas was the first place we ever saw Sheriff Andy Taylor

10. Don Knotts won 5 Emmy Awards for playing Deputy Barney Fife

11. Andy was a widower. His wife died shortly after Opie was born

12. The Andy Griffith Show ran from October 3, 1960 and April 1, 1968

13. OR for TV 8 seasons

14. 259 episodes were filmed. 159 episodes in seasons one through five were in black and white. 90 episodes were in color in seasons six through eight

15. Andy was in all 259 episodes

16. Ronny Howard was in 209 episodes

17. The name of the Andy Griffith Show theme song is "The Fishin' Hole" By Everett Sloane, Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer

18. The service station attendants were two cousins, Gomer Pyle played by Jim Nabors and Goober Pyle played by George Lindsey

19. Otis Campbell played by Hal Smith was always ending up in the drunk tank in Mayberry

20. Clara Edwards played by Hope Summers was Barney Fife's girlfriend. ***This is incorrect....Thelma Lou played by the actress Betty Lynn was Barney Fife's girlfriend. See the correction at the end of the page...Thanks Randy for that info!

21. You are going to groan as soon as you see these catchphrases if you didn't remember them! Gomer Pyle was always saying Shazam!, Gaaw-aawl-ly and Surprise, surprise, surprise!

You can find the DVDs of this beloved classic TV show and watch them again and again if you want to go back to a much simpler was a good time. The good old days!

If you have some interesting Andy Griffith Show Trivia questions and answers let us know about them. We love to find new and fun facts about the cast, characters and episodes of the Andy Griffith show!

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Did you know there were 249 episodes filmed and the show ran from 1960 to 1968.

Andy Griffith, Ronnie Howard, Don Knotts and Francis Bavier were the stars of the series. Their characters were Andy Taylor, Barney Fife, Little Opie Taylor and Aunt Bee Taylor.

Now tell us the facts you know!

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