American Idol Party Supplies

American Idol Party Supplies are the perfect party decorations for your performance video at your karaoke party. American Idol is all about the music and the get ready with your karaoke machine and your song lyrics...move over Simon...we've got new judges and contestants for tonight's auditions...I mean, party! Check out the American Idol Contestant Number Kit you can find at the bottom of this page...or take a look at the picture and figure out how to make your own.

An American Idol Theme For Tonight

The American Idol party theme is an easy theme to find party decorations for. You can find those giant wall decals that really make a party room look decorated! The great thing about these wall decals is they are easy to put on your walls and easy to remove. Use them in your son or daughter's room when the party is over.

American Idol Birthday Cake Ideas

American Idol cake ideas...make a microphone out of some cupcakes and pearl sugar. Use string licorice for a cord. Easy to make cupcake decorating ideas make your party easier than you can imagine.

Do you want a birthday cake for your American Idol party? How about a cake topper kit? You have two to choose from. One is a microphone cake topper and the other is a light up Idol topper...this one is on clearance sale, so it won't be around much longer. It's probably a pretty cheap party supply and it's cute...check out the low price. It will sure save you money on your birthday cake. Have you seen the cost of a bakery cake lately? Make your own cake and save money.

Who Will Win American Idol

Who will win American Idol? That's really up to your audience and your guest judges. Make sure they have the tools they need to choose the best performers...the contestants need numbers, the judges need score cards and pens.

Idol stickers, temporary tattoos and notepads make fun party favor ideas or fabulous Idol prize ideas. Of course, there are also T-shirts you can give out as contestant prizes. Or use the microphone cups, the inflatable microphones or the candy can see how big microphones are when you are planning an American Idol party!

American Idol Party Supplies For Your Auditions

I hope you found the perfect American Idol party supplies so you can decorate your party, set a festive party table and host the best American Idol auditions in your town this year. It is the perfect tween and teen party theme for your kids to have a great time. Check out the microphone pinata to use as a party if the karaoke won't be enough!

Make sure you have a camera handy...this is a great party theme to take lots of pictures of...and a video camera would even be better. You can all watch the auditions when they are over. It will be a classic family fun video you will treasure forever!

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