American Idol Party Favors

What American Idol party favors are the best? With a fun and upbeat party theme like this, there are a lot of choice.

This is a great party theme for teens and for kids. Set up a stage and act out your own Idol contest. Let everyone get up and sing. Get it on tape and rewatch your video! Take pictures of everyone while they are on "stage". Give out prizes, vote for the singers just like on TV and get ready to have a great time.

Here are some ideas for you:
  • A Microphone
  • Watch
  • Stickers
  • Tattoos
  • Light-up Guitar and Gum
  • Microphone drinking cup
  • Hand clappers
  • American Idol cap
  • T-shirt

American Idol Microphone

American Idol Watch

American Idol Sticker Sheets

American Idol Tattoos

American Idol Light-Up Guitar and Gum...the gum looks like a guitar pick...and you get several pieces.

American Idol Microphone Drinking Cup

American Idol Party Favor Box

Hand Clappers

American Idol Cap

American Idol T-Shirt

This is the perfect party for a fun game of Karaoke. You can also find a fun guitar shaped pinata to use as a party game. Just get the pull string conversion kit, fill the pinata up with goodies and let the kids pull strings until it breaks open. You do know what a pull string pinata is, don't you? It's a safe pinata, no hitting or swinging a stick, just let the kids pull a string. After all, a fun party is a safe party! You can see more ideas for more fun party game ideas on our fun party games page.

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