Adult Luau Party Ideas for the Hula Dancer in You!

Adult Luau Party Ideas

Do you always dream of having a Hawaiian Luau party? Do you have visions of hula girls and fire dancers floating through your head when your thinking of exciting Adult Luau party ideas?

How about a beautiful Luau cake with a volcano on it! This is a great Luau birthday cake!

Volcano Cake For A 30th Birthday Luau Party!

Adult Luau party cake ideas  Nicole's birthday cake

A Luau is the perfect summer party idea! It's a great theme for a pool party, a backyard party, a barbeque party even a 4th of July party idea! You can even have a Haunted Halloween Luau party in October for a unique Halloween party idea. Whenever you decide to have one, Adult Luau party ideas are always a big hit!

It sounds so exotic, doesn't it? Imagine making your yard seem like a secluded spot in Hawaiian complete with luau music and exotic drinks.

My niece Nicole loves to give parties, and when she does, you know your in for a big surprise and a lot of fun! Nick goes all out with her decorating ideas, her party food ideas and her party entertainment ideas.

Nick's Adult Luau Party Ideas

Here's what her Hawaiian luau party was like. One day I came home to work to find a bottle on my counter. It was a clear bottle with a label on it...It said "Aloha Aunt Jill". The label was decorated with flowers and palm trees, but I wanted to get past the label to see what the scroll inside the bottle said. There was sand in the bottle and a party glass, a paper drink umbrella and a pair of sunglasses. "What the heck is this", I wondered as I uncapped the bottle and got the scroll out.

Your Invited To A Party Invitation In A Bottle

That's just what it said, "Your Invited" along with a time, date and RSVP phone number. So, I called and said "I'll be there"! What a great party invitation idea. It is so very unique.(It can be used for so many parties themes, not just adult luau party ideas!) Take a look at the links to the right to find some cute Tiki Invitations.

The anticipated party date was here before we knew it, so we headed over to John and Nicole's house. When we walked into the backyard it had been transformed with tents, tables, chairs and Hawaiian flowers all over. The flowers were made of paper and decorated the yard's fence. There was also a long table ready to be loaded with food and the grill was hot!

Nicole, our hostess, was dressed in a Hawaiian patterned dress, a lei and flower in her hair to complete the look, and John was in a colorful flower shirt. They certainly looked like they were in Hawaii!

Luau Drinks

In one corner of the yard there were 2 luau palm tree coolers filled with wine coolers, beer, soda and water. On the table nearby were Luau shot glasses, cups and paper umbrellas for your drinks. Fancy party cups with straws were there too. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Frozen Margarita Machine! Like the good party guests we are, we helped ourselves to the drinks and went to check out the party table decorations.

Keep the Guests Busy

The party tables were loaded with fun party stuff to play with! You could sit by yourself all night and be entertained, so imagine how much fun it is with a table full of people! There were leis to put around our necks and flowers to clip in our hair. Talk about getting your party guest into a luau mood!

Nicole had seen a party supply catalog from my favorite online party supplies store, and did a little online shopping for her luau party supplies. (That's where she got the invitations in a bottle too)

Oriental Trading has something for everyone and they are the cheapest party supplies stores I've found online! Check them out for all your party supply and decorating needs.

Simple Luau Recipes

There are plenty of simple luau recipes, and Nicole used some of them. First we had some coconut shrimp appetizers. Then onto the luau main course. We had roast pork, fried rice, burgers and hot dogs, salads, and vegetables. You should have seen the crowd dig into the luau food! There was also plenty of luau desserts, including what we call Luau cake! You can find that recipe down on the bottom of this page. It's a very easy cake to make, and it's delicious!

She must have spent an entire day ordering food...Just kidding...she did cook some of it herself!

Luau Songs

Luau songs filled the air. John was in charge of downloading the music selections for the evening. He got all of it by downloading Hawaiian music free online. We all felt like we were in paradise! Bring on more adult luau party ideas John and Nicole...This is so much fun!

Activities For A Luau

Bet your wondering about activities for a luau. Nicole's answer to activities for her luau were simple. A fire Dancer...and two Hula Dancers, of course, they were in native garb. And they entertained their hips off...literally! The fire dancer was one big hunk of burning love! What a performance he gave. Such a treat for the ladies!

Then the hula dancers got into the act and it was amazing. Now, here's where the fun starts...the girls got all of us luau party guests up and taught us how to do the hula. Most of us were pretty good too...and a couple of guys ended up with grass skirts on.

What a Kodak moment! Watching those entertainers really was amazing. This troupe of entertainers actually go all over the country to perform, and it certainly makes you feel like your on the Big Island.

With a fond farewell we waved good bye to the entertainment troupe, after we fed them of course. And then we all got into Hawaiian luau party games.

Hawaiian Adult Luau Party Games

What do you mean beer pong isn't a luau party game...of course it is. After all, we are using Adult luau party ideas! We used a Hawaiian table cloth on the beer pong table and colorful cups! How much more authentic can you get! Beer pong is a multi-cultural adult party game. It can be played in any language.

Of course, there are many other games you can play at a Luau. Limbo is a great party game and fits perfectly with this theme.

Limbo is always fun after a little beer pong...or before it! You can find a "How to Hula" video or hire a real Hula Dancer to teach your luau party guests how to move it like a honest to goodness Hawaiian dancer. It's fun, and we all have that one guest who acts funny crazy to make us all laugh. At this party it was Nicole's uncle, who dressed up in a grass skirt and coconut bra and did a little Hula for everyone!

We were all tired after our long evening at Nicole and John's Hawaiian Luau. What a great party! Adult luau party ideas can really take a nice backyard party and turn it into a wonderful, fun filled party! Now we're all waiting to find out what her next party theme will be.

Here are some online catalogs where you can find adult luau party ideas and luau party supplies.

Hawaiian Luau (Authentic Luau Music) is just one of the albums you can download for free. Your luau will seem so much more authentic with genuine Hawaiian music playing throughout your party.

Some of the Hawaiian songs on this album are:

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