Academy Award Trivia - Fun Movie Trivia

Academy Award Trivia is a great ice breaker at your movie theme party.

Fun movie trivia is a very popular theme for this party game and most people like to watch the latest movies. We all have our favorite movie stars and we read gossip papers to find out more about them. So why not include the movies and the stars we like to hear about in our party games? Where can you find trivia questions about award winning movies? At Python Printable Games.

Oscar Night party games. Great Academy Award trivia! Get yours now

So Many Movies, So Many Trivia Questions

These fun games are easy to print out. Give one to each of your party guests and let's see how they do...or just print out one for yourself and let everyone yell out the answers. Form teams and make this a party ice breaker game. Let your friends get to know each other. Make sure you form the teams so you can put the people who don't know each other together. It's lots of fun and people warm up to each other quickly when they are having fun.

You can buy these fun movie trivia games in bundles of six or so games, or you can just buy one if that is all you want. Take a look at all the fun themes you can choose from:

Or pick an Academy Award Trivia game bundle that has lots of fun party movie games for you to entertain your guests with. Take a look at the titles in the bundle and you decide if you want one or lots. Just click on any link or picture to get more information on these fun games.

Printable Oscar Games Bargain Bundle

Or here is another bundle full of fun movie trivia games.

Printable Oscar Trivia pack

Find these fun games and more just by clicking any picture. Check out all of the fun and easy to print party games for your next movie theme party.

Academy Award And Oscar Party Ideas

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