Academy Awards Trivia - Fun Printable Trivia Games

Academy Awards Trivia - And The Oscar Goes To...Play Fun, Printable Trivia Games With Hollywood And The Movies As The Theme.

These fun printable games all have one thing in common...they are all about actors, actresses, movies, directors...and the Acadmey Awards. Get your fun games now and get ready for the Oscar Night Party you are planning. Pick out 1 or more printable games and have a blast on Oscar night.

Printable Oscar Party Games Pack

Oscar Night party games. Great Academy Award trivia! Get yours now

Take a look at the games by clicking right on the picture. It will take you to an online gaming center where you can pick out the games you or two or get the whole batch!

Here are a few of the Academy Awards Printable Games you will find:
  • Oscar Party Meet Your Match Celebrity Game
  • Oscars Best Actress Trivia Match
  • Oscars Best Actor Trivia Match
  • Academy Awards Predictions game
  • Oscar Trivia I and II

These games are inexpensive, fun and easy to get. You can print out as many as you need. If you are having ten guests print out ten hundred guests? One hundred copies! Simple and fun...just what you want your party to be. Of course a little bit of glamour never hurt an Academy Awards party, in fact, I'll bet your friends would be thrilled if you rolled out the red carpet for them. Plan lots of party games, get some fake Oscar statues or some Rubber Duckies as game prizes and see who knows the most movie and star trivia. Then get ready to predict who the Oscar winners will be this year!

Get Some Fun Oscar Party Ideas!

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