All About Me!

All about me...Who ever thought I'd get to write a web page about myself! Not I!

My name is Jillian and if you're a mom, I'm pretty much just like you! I was married very young and in a few years I had four children. Two girls and two boys...all in five years time. I was always very busy and I spent most all of my time with my kids.

I was a stay at home mom. It wasn't always easy. We stay at homes weren't cool. Back then being a working mom was cooler than being a stay at home mom. People couldn't imagine what we did all day!

You can imagine how hectic the house was as the kids grew older. Before long I was a class mom at my kid's school and helping the teachers plan class parties and class trips was a part of the position. I was a girl scout leader's assistant and I not only organized fund raising cookie drives, but planned craft projects and snacks for the weekly meetings. When I became a cheerleading coach and secretary of the football league I helped to organize more fundraising projects and some of the celebrations for our squad. I also worked with the football players in a team mother capacity and worked in the football stands during the game. My chief cook and bottle washing experience came in handy there!

How I Became A Webmaster and Made This Website

And More About Me!

My kids were the best part of my life, and we had so much fun! Kids birthday parties became a big part of my time...planning them, cooking for them, baking birthday cakes and decorating for them, four a year. I remember all the careful planning that went into those parties and the fun games I set up for all those kids...year after year. Well, then my kids grew up. They don't need a team mother or class mom anymore.

It was at that stage of my life that I went out into corporate America and began to work. I started at the bottom and decided to go back to school and get my associates degree. Well, I did it...and while I enjoyed going to classes and doing the wasn't enough. SO where did that leave me?

It left me wanting. Wanting something more...and yet, I did not know what that was.

I felt that I could do more, earn more money, but didn't want to get a second job, and did not want to go back to I decided to make a website. I am still working and bringing home a little of the bacon. (but so is this website!) Yes, I make money with my website! Can you imagine how rewarding a feeling that is?

When I first started to make a website, I fell into a huge stumbling block...I had no real computer skills. I could check my email and play some games, but I didn't know anything about actually making my words become a real website. That was a problem. And then I found the way. (I still can't believe it!)

So doesn't it make sense that I now have a kids party website? I think it does. Now that my children are grown and living on their own, I can put all the years of kids party experience into party ideas and planning articles so other moms can get some helpful ideas for parties of their own. I can watch my site a child...from infancy to toddler...that's where I am now...I have a toddling website. It's fun and I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I'm proud of myself. Is it easy?

Is it easy? NO.

It's not easy, in fact, some days it's difficult and frustrating. Very much like raising a child can be. But I can handle that thanks to the experiences I had raising my children. I have learned there is no problem I cannot overcome and no scary web language I cannot learn. And all day I get to think about decorating cakes, party supplies and fun game ideas to share with other people for their kids parties...people just like me.

If you are looking for more, if you have a unique skill or just some good ideas you might be more like me than we know. You might want to build your own website just like I did. Now you know a little about me and how my journey led me to this place. How about you? If you're like me, and want more Here's how you can do it too...

Go from About Me to How to Make a Web Site

It's fun to have a web site of your very can write an "about me" page too! What is it you like to do? Have you a special craft you love or hobby you enjoy? What can you share with people, what can you teach others? What will your "About Me" page say?

That's right...I'm asking..."What About YOU?" If you are a little intrigued by my story, "About Me", but would like to ask some questions...go to my contact me form, and send me an email!

But first, go to the above link and visit my how to make a website page. Check it out, and then ask me all the questions you like.

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