Abby Cadabby Pinata

This Abby Cadabby Pinata is a pull-string pinata so you don't have to have a bunch of kids running around swinging sticks at your Abby Cadabby theme party! If you need a game to complete your party plans, this pinata is a great way to have some fun.

Who is Abby Cadabby? Abby is a three year old fairy in training. She moved to Sesame Street and is amazed by all the non-magical things we take for counting! She can fly and she is trying to learn magic, but right now she turns a lot of things into pumpkins! Maybe you should get a pumpkin pinata for her party...No, the Abby Pinata is way to cute.

What's the deal with the pull string? Well, there are lots of strings hanging from the Pinata, but only one will open it up and let all the goodies spill out! Each child can take a turn picking a string until someone find the right one!

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Take a look below to see a great decorating idea. You will find Abby Cadabby in the Sesame Street scene setter. A scene setter is a great way to decorate your party area and it's easy...that's important when you are hosting a kid's party. This is a simple to use, but effective, decoration that adds a lot of color and mood to your gathering. You can stand the kids in front of it and take pictures of them with the characters from Sesame Street. Those pictures would make a great party favor to send home with your guests.

Sesame Street Scene Setter Kit

Sesame Street Scene Setter Kit

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