Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Abby Cadabby Party Ideas are perfect for your preschooler birthday party. Kids recognize Abby as one of the characters from Sesame Street!

Abby is a fairy in training and she loves magic! Decorating with Abby Cadabby Party Ideas will be easy as can be for Mom and this is a fun theme for the kids. Since Abby is a popular kid's birthday party theme you'll be able to find everything you need easily.

Abby Cadabby Basic Party Pack is quite a party supplies bargain! Look at everything you get for this great price and then check the other online stores.

Go Right To Party Supplies Shopping

First you'll want to pick a time and date for your party and decide where your going to have it. Then you will need to make up a guest list and get Abby Cadabby party invitations. Fill out and mail your party invitations two or three weeks in advance. When your done it's time to start planning the rest of the items you will need for your party.

You will need:

  • Party supplies
  • Party decorating ideas
  • Party games
  • Party activities
  • Party recipes
  • Party cake
  • Thank you cards

Abby Cadabby Party Supplies and Decorations

What decorations and party supplies do you need for your Abby Cadabby party?

Here are some suggestions for Abby Cadabby party supplies:

  • cups
  • plates
  • napkins
  • table cloth
  • plastic ware

Here are some suggestions for Abby Cadabby party decorations:
  • streamers
  • party balloons
  • table centerpiece
  • stickers
  • temporary tattoos
  • magic wands
  • fairy wings
  • goodie bags and treats

You don't need all of these things but they are available if you want them.

Get Your Abby Cadabby Party Supplies

We have online Free Party Supply Catalogs on Party Ideas Parade and here is our "Abby Cadabby" Catalog for you to look at!

Abby Cadabby Party Supplies Catalog

Abby Cadabby Party Ideas For Favors

Party Decorating Ideas

You can make a poster or a banner that says "Allerdnic" or "That's so Magic". These are some of Abby's favorite sayings! The kids will recognize that right away!

You can fill gift bags with all kinds of Abby Cadabby goodies and treats. Kids really like the stickers and the temporary tattoos. Get each guest a "magic training wand".

You can use an Abby Cadabby doll as a table centerpiece. And the decorating color of the day is Pink! It's Abby's favorite color.

You can fill up latex party balloons with helium and tie curling ribbon to each one. Let them float around the room or tie them up in groups of two or more around the area. Party Balloons are cheap and an easy way to decorate. If you'd like to use them as centerpieces on several tables you can make your own balloon weights and put the centerpieces together yourself. It's really easy and it's a cheap, but pretty way to decorate the room.

Make a Balloon Weight

Tag The Abby Cadabby Way

If you decide to get the fairy wings you can turn your child's party into a bit of a costume affair and let all the kids wear the wings. Kids love to play "Dress Up"!
You can play "fairy tag" it's really just tag but with wings...unless you play it outside where the rules change. If your outside and playing "fairy tag" if the person who is IT tags you, you must remain frozen until someone can sprinkle some fairy dust on you! Just let the kids know how long their IT turn will be and make sure to give everyone a turn!

Get an Abby Cadabby Pinata

Abby Cadabby party ideas have to include some kind of fun party activity and kids love pinatas at birthday parties, so why not get an Abby Cadabby pinata. It's one of the many great Abby Cadabby Party Ideas! You can fill it with candies and goodies and let the kids have a whack at it. Blind fold each child when it's their turn to swing the stick at the pinata. Do this with each party guest until one of them breaks open the pinata and all it's goodies spill to the ground.

Make Your Own Abby Cadabby Cake or Cupcakes

You can make your own birthday cake and decorate it yourself. All you need is a cake topper kit. These are sold everywhere, including The Party Works. It's an edible or a plastic set of Abby Cadabby cake topper toys or pictures that will turn your homemade pink or purple frosted cake into a work of art! Everyone will think you bought it at a bakery. There are also cupcake topper kits, so instead of making a cake you can make cupcakes. I think cupcakes are easier for kids to handle. And they will look great too.

Another party cake option is to buy an Abby Cadabby cake pan and bake and decorate that.

Abby Cadabby Sugar Decorations

Abby Cadabby Coloring Pages

Did you decide to get the goodie bags? There are so many Abby Cadabby party ideas to put into a goodie bag. If you didn't you can get free printable coloring pages of Abby. Give each of the kids a few printed pictures and some crayons as a party favor, or use this as another party activity. Kids love to color and Abby is one of their favorite characters, so what could be more perfect? Get your free Abby Cadabby Coloring Pages here.

You might want to look around the FY09OTC general Halloween website for some other party activities. They sell all kinds of craft kits for kids and they are cheap! You can check them out right here.

Looking For an Abby Cadabby Halloween Costume?

Here is an Abby Cadabby Halloween Costume for little girls, and it is just perfect to pair with your Abby Cadabby party ideas! The costume shown comes in toddler sizes through 6x.

Here is a link where you can get some Free Abby Cadabby Clip Art

Free Abby Cadabby Clip Art

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