Abby Cadabby Coloring Pages

Abby Cadabby Coloring Pages are hard to find online...but I've done it! If your little girl likes Abby, here are some free, printable coloring pages you can entertain her with. It will also help to develop her creative flow!
How about an Abby Cadabby Halloween Costume this year?

Abby Cadabby is a three year old fairy in training. She moved to Sesame Street from Fairyside in Queens. While she is learning magic, Abby is also finding out about the fun of counting and learning her alphabet letters. She is always saying "That's so magic!". When it is time for Abby to go, she says, "Gotta Poof!" When you see her coloring picture notice how pretty her wings are! Abby is full of joy and fun.

Here's your first coloring page.

When you use this next link you have to go to the drop down menu on the left hand side of the page and choose the character you'd like to color. The selections include:

  • Abby!
  • Baby Bear
  • Burt
  • Big Bird
  • Cookie Monster
  • Count von Count
  • Elmo
  • Ernie
  • Grover
  • Oscar the Grouch
  • Prairie Dawn
  • Rosita
  • Snuffy
  • Super Grover
  • Telly Monster
  • Twiddlebugs
  • Zoe
If you're kids are Sesame Street looks like you just hit the coloring page jackpot!

11 Abby Cadabby Pictures to Color!

These coloring pages can be printed out and put into a goodie bag to use at your Abby Cadabby party! If you put in a small box of crayons your party bags will be super special!

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You can learn how to decorate a homemade cake or cupcakes with Abby Cadabby cake decorating accessories. Save money and bake the birthday cake yourself!

Just click on any of the sticker pictures to find out more about them.

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