A Ghostly Eyeball Snack Idea

by Laura G
(Bridgewater, NJ)

It's easy to make this fun Halloween snack recipe. Ghostly Eyeballs are really just jello and ice cream. Here's what you need to make them.


2 packages red gelatine
Vanilla ice cream
Red decorating jell

Here's how to make the scary eyeball treats:

Prepare jello just like the package tells you to.
Fill individual glass serving bowls with jello and place in refrigerator to set.
Once jello has set, using a spoon scoop out a circle of jello in center of bowl.
Fill circle with one scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Place one raisin in center of ice cream and using red decorating jell paint lines going down the side. This will create a "bloodshot eye" swimming in "blood".

Fun, scary and delicious...this is a great party dessert or just a fun snack idea for your Halloween movie night!

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