A Baby Shower Story Game ~ The Right Left Baby Shower Game

by Ginnie Karlick
(Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA)

The Right Left Baby Shower Game is a story game. Here is how to play it.

Have guests sit in a circle and hand one of the guests a wrapped present. Don't let them open it yet.

Begin telling the following story following these explanations and each time you say the word LEFT they have to pass it to the person on their left.

Each time you say RIGHT pass it to the right. The guest left holding the gift at the end of the story is the winner and gets to open the present.

Here's the Story:

Mrs. Right was on her way to a baby shower. She accidentally took a Right instead of a Left and got lost. Mrs. Right Left her house at noon and got their Right on time at 2:00. But Mrs. Right Left her gift at home! She was not in her Right mind today. Mrs. Right left the shower and went back home. The gift was on the table, Right where she had Left it! Mrs. Right Left her house and went Right back to the shower. When she arrived there wasn't any food Left! Mrs. Right was so hungry that she Left the shower, got Right back into her car and drove to the Right Left Right Doo-Wop Diner!Mrs. Right ordered the Sunday Special and ate it Right up until there was nothing Left!

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