A Pirate Birthday Party ...Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum

Have a Pirate Birthday Party!

Pirates have always been fascinating, especially for kids. A pirate party birthday party is on the top ten birthday themes since The Pirates of the Caribbean movies continue to thrill people and make this an exciting party theme. This makes it a very good idea for a birthday party as it can really spice things up and entertain the children.

Before setting off with this idea, you must plan and prepare your approach to a pirate-themed birthday party so that you can entertain as many landlubbers as possible. You will need some basic tools and lots of ideas to pull this off, and it will be lots of fun for both you and the kids. Organization, flexibility, and knowing the right people will be crucial in putting together the perfect pirate birthday party. Once done well, you can make the children happy with a grand party that they will always remember for years to come.

Pirate Invitation Ideas

Start off with some pirate birthday party invitations for them to come. A cool idea for the invitations is to make them like a pirate's treasure map. Draw up a map leading to the X mark at the venue itself, then stylize the invitation proper like an old pirate letter or even a pirate rhyme. Have those invited to dress up as pirates to the party and even organize a costume contest to motivate them. Such an invitation will let them know about the pirate theme and will initially set up the mood for the party itself. You can lead them in with something like this.

Shiver me timbers and blow me down, Our good lad "name" is turning ten. So shake a pegleg and bring your eye patch. For this buccaneer party, there'll be no match.

Of course write in the name of the birthday person along with a date and time for your party and the address! Put in an RSVP too!

That should head things off while you prepare with some decorations to give it that atmosphere you are aiming for. Have the place looking like a pirate ship's deck real enough to have all hands scrubbing it like a true pirate crew. You can add in some more fun by planning games like treasure hunting, which you can do by burying treasures in places like a scavenger hunt. Other things are possible as well, as long as your imagination permits it.

Pirate Party Game Ideas

Party games have virtually limitless ways to be implemented into this kind of party.

X Marks the Spot

There are such ideas like having a treasure map torn into four pieces or so, then scattering them around. With that, you can have the kids look for those pieces with clues, then having them find the treasure upon completing the map itself. With such games in progress, you can have a little bit of time to prepare snacks like ice cream, pizza, and other treats for them to eat, as well as the birthday cake itself.

Peg-leg Game

Perhaps a pin-the-peg-leg game may also entertain the kids even further. You can improvise on already-existing party games and turn them into pirate games fit for scurvy dogs. You may also make up new games on your own to show your creativity and make things a lot more fun. An idea would be doing something with a swimming pool, especially if you know that everybody will be able to swim. Perhaps little inflatable boats as pirate ships and have a game like a naval battle. Of course, with these games, adult supervision is a must. Therefore, never take your eyes off the kids while they play pirate.

Whether or not it's a pirate's life for you, throwing a great pirate birthday party will have children looking up to you in awe. The neighborhood will be talking about your party-organizing skills in a way no one would have imagined. They'll be anticipating the next grand event you plan and assemble.

Talk Like A Pirate

Why not teach your party guest how to talk like a pirate? September 19th is actually called Talk like a Pirate Day! Find out how you can teach your little buccaneers how to talk the talk when you are using Pirate birthday party ideas!

Find out how to Talk like a pirate.

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