50th Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

50th Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas for the Over the Hill 50th birthday celebration you are planning. It is easy to find party supplies, birthday cake ideas, fun party games perfect for the 50 and over crowd...if you know where to look...and now that you are here...you know where to look!

You can host a gag party for a 50th birthday or a plan a friendlier venue using festive rather than dark party supplies. Both are fun so have a great time choosing your party pattern, theme and decorating ideas.

One More Candle - Invitations (8)

One More Candle 50 - Deluxe Party Pack

One More Candle 50 - Dessert Plates (8)

So You Know Who Is 50

So that special You Know Who Is 50 this year. Whether it's your husband or wife, your best friend or your mom...you will find some fun party ideas, great 50th birthday theme party supplies, some funny gag gifts and even some 50th birthday party games. So let's get going...time's a wasting and at 50 you know how precious time is!

Funny 50th Gag Gifts and Ideas

Gag gifts are usually thought of as an April Fool's Day prank...but you can find some funny ones to use at a 50th birthday party. Gag gifts can be kind or cruel and I always suggest the kind ones...you want to get some laughs...not hurt anyone's feelings. So be funny and be kind with these funny gag gifts and prank joke ideas for that 50 year old.

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Some Funny Gag Gifts For A 50th Birthday Party

Here are some funny gag gifts and some 50th birthday decorations that will work with this 50th birthday theme. Pick and choose what you like!

10' Glitter Letter Banner with Assorted Age Stickers
The Party Continues 50 - 12' Banner
"50 Celebrate" Yard Sign
Over-The-Hill Topper
Over the Hill Jumbo Inflatable Cane
Oversized Over the Hill Birthday Glasses
Over the Hill Decorating Kit
Retirement Clock
39 Again Tiara
Over the Hill Sign Cutout Kit
Over the Hill Inflatable Walker
Over the Hill Tombstone Boppers Headband
Hot Flash Zone Party Tape
Geezer Nose Hair Glasses
Geezer Glasses
Black Rim Thick Geezer Glasses
Senior Moment in Progress Party Tape
Old Fart's Friends' Name Tags
Golden Oldie Birthday Cake Hat
5' Look Who's Over the Hill Banner
"50" Black Cascade Centerpiece
Over the Hill Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece

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