40th Birthday Party Ideas for that Over the Hill Birthday Party!

Need some 40th birthday party ideas? Are you planning a great Over the Hill Birthday Bash? This is a fun adult party theme and there are so many good ideas for party fun. Some fun ideas for a 40th birthday party are hold a roast, decorate a walker, play this is your life...decorate with over the hill party supplies. Find some fun gag gifts and party pranks.

Different people see aging differently. It is not really difficult to understand why most of us dread our 40th birthday. However, there is nothing we can do to stop the aging process.

So if you’re 39 years old and your birthday is only a few days from now, there’s no use running away from it. Instead of getting dismayed, why not celebrate it with a bang?

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Get some 40th birthday party ideas and have an "Over the Hill" party! An over the hill birthday party with family and friends will make turning 40 a lot easier to accept. The grander the celebration, the better! Read on to pick up a few ideas on how to set up an over the hill birthday party.

Hold a Roast in Honor of Your Over the Hill Friend!

Stop wrinkles right in their tracks with a dose of fun and laughter. A great activity for an Over the Hill birthday party is to hold a roast for the birthday celebrant. This is a hilarious way to entertain everyone and it will make becoming a year older a little easier to handle for the birthday guy or gal.

Get a few of the birthday person's closest friends to write a few funny lines about him or her!

You have seen a roast on TV or in the movies. Base your roast on one of those. A roast puts the guest of honor in the hot seat...make sure the seat isn't too hot, or it won't be as funny as it is supposed to be. Make sure the person the roast is for will think it's funny. If it's done with humor and in the spirit of fun this party activity will guarantee a very memorable night that is full of laughter.

Show 40 Years of Memories With a Slide Show

If you know how to make slide presentations, having all the guests in the living room watching a slide show featuring the celebrant is another perfect activity for an over the hill birthday party.

This is a great way to look back and appreciate several highlights and milestones in the celebrant’s life. Afterwards, you can ask some of the guests to deliver speeches commemorating the wonderful moments in the life of the celebrant. This activity apparently is more sentimental than a roast, and might even surprise a few guests finding out for the first time some little known information about their beloved celebrant.

Here's More 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Another great way to celebrate an over the hill birthday party is having a theme that has something to do with the distant past. Think of a historical period that will be fun and exciting when used as a theme for a birthday bash. How about the '50s or the Wild West days? Or how about the styles the birthday guy or gal wore in high school? Get pictures and music from that era and go back to those days of your youth! You can pull off any kind of 40th birthday party ideas with careful planning and creativity!

Set up props and fill the venue with decorations to make the night a trip down memory lane convincing. And while you’re at it, why not ask the guests to come in full costumes appropriate for the theme?

Get your digital camera ready too because a party this fancy is a great photo opportunity for everyone attending.

You can be a little playful with the over the hill birthday party theme to use. There is a theme that seems to be suited for Halloween parties, but is a great way to celebrate life and death, and aging as well.

If the celebrant is cool with anything outrageous, then a Grim Reaper theme is a fun idea for an over the hill birthday bash. Make the event truly an out of the world experience for both the birthday celebrant and the guests.

The truth is there’s no limit when it comes to choosing the best theme for an over the hill birthday party.

One important factor to consider is the personality of the celebrant, or how he or she will take the birthday bash you have prepared. If they don't have a good sense of humor, a roast might not be funny to them. And it’s best if you will put more focus on honoring the great moments in the history of the celebrant.

With a little help from the other guests and the suggestions above, pulling off a great over the hill birthday party is easy, and might make the celebrant face another year in his or her life on a positive note.

You may decide to use some of these 40th birthday party ideas for your over the hill party, or you may not...but whatever you choose...Happy 40th Birthday!

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