40th Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Over The Hill Party

40th Birthday Cake Ideas for that special Over the Hill party theme. It's fun to pretend that 40 is over the hill and to tease the birthday boy or girl about getting older, but in truth, 40 isn't old at all. I love the walkers, the horns, the gag gifts and pranks that go along with a 40th birthday party. And the cake ideas for 40 are funny as can be.

Funny gag gifts can include ...for that special lady or ......for that old, but still special guy. Decorate with some ... or a . The Year in Music CD is really a great gift. Each nostalgic CD contains 20 hit songs from the year you choose, sung by the original artists who made it famous way back when. This will bring those good old days right back.

Funny Cake Ideas For 40 Year Olds

Funny cake ideas for 40 year olds can be found all over. Check out what Amazon has to offer you in the form of some funny cake toppers, accessories and even some funny party hats.

There are all kinds of 40th birthday cake ideas to choose from. What is the birthday person interested in? Tennis, golf, fishing, shopping? Choose a hobby as a birthday cake theme. Is this person a movie buff? How about a music fan? You can choose an Elvis cake, a record cake or a scary movie cake, depending on what kind of music or movies the birthday pal enjoys.

If your friend likes sea shells and sand castles here is a beautiful cake choice for her. Or look at the one with the horse on it, the pocketbooks, the motorcycle, the Chanel shoes, the disco ball for the dancers out there, all of these birthday theme cakes are wonderful ideas for a 40th birthday cake.

Take a Look at This Gallery of Cakes

Those 40th birthday cake ideas are certainly beautiful and doesn't the 40 year old in your life deserve one of them? Did you say, No? You are going right for the gag gifts and the pranks aren't you? That is a funny way to celebrate a birthday. It's sort of like a right of passage into those mysterious 40's. It's all in good fun and a fun way to help celebrate this day is to have a Roast at the party. Let all your friends stand up and talk about the birthday star. You can also video a few of your friends congratulating the birthday person.

Here are some more gag ideas that you might consider for this landmark birthday celebration.

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