2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Do You Need 2nd Birthday Party Ideas?

The toddler years seem to fly right by, and now your little 1 year old is going to turn 2. You are in luck, Mom! There are so many great party themes for your toddler. A birthday party for a two year old is very easy to plan and prepare for.

A two year old's birthday party is usually a small affair. You don't have to invite a lot of children and your party is usually only about an hour or an hour and a half. These two year olds need their nap!

Now that your child is going to be 2 years old you're going to need some fun toddler birthday party themes..yes...2nd birthday ideas!

I know you can hardly believe this much time has passed since that day you brought this wonderful gift home from the hospital...That's why birthday's are so important. Time goes by so fast but we should stop on that special day to celebrate this wonderful life.

Take a look at the fun birthday party themes and supplies and make a list of your favorites...or your child's favorites and pick your party theme from there. Once you have decided upon your theme, and your party date, party planning is pretty easy.

Take a look at the cake toppers and see if there is one for the theme you chose. It's an easy way to make your homemade birthday cake look Great! And it's the easy way to decorate your cakes. All your friends will rave about the wonderful looking birthday cake you made...and they will wonder what your are going to do for your toddler's 3rd birthday to top it!

Cupcake Decorating Ideas are a fun way to make birthday cupcakes...and these decorating ideas are easy. 2nd birthday party ideas and cupcakes go together like cake and frosting! You can decorate your birthday party cupcakes with the help of some candy and cookies. Here's an example...If you are planning on the Mod Monkey theme, you can use vanilla wafers as Monkey ears on a cupcake! Very cute, very easy and lots of fun for everyone. You can find lots of different cupcake decorating ideas and lots of party tips too...if you don't find what you are looking for...just ask. We'd be happy to help you find exactly what you need, whether it's a party supply, a party game idea or just a simple decorating tip!

Easy Fun Party Games For Two Year Olds

2nd birthday party ideas are not complete with our some fun toddler games. Games that are very simple for the two year old crowd you are going to be hosting! They might just wonder around on their own and not really participate in organized games...one and two year olds are like that! Some of the kids may understand the concept of standing in line, dancing and "stopping" when the music starts...I always found that these young kids just keep on dancing, so Freeze Dance, might not be a great game for them!

Toddlers like to color, finger paint or even watch a short video clip with a favorite character in it. Simon Says might be a good idea...you know what games your toddler likes to play...the rest of your party guests will most likely enjoy it too.

1st and 2nd birthday party ideas are becoming more and more popular each year. Take a look at these fun party supplies made just for the 2 year olds out there!

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