1st Birthday Party Ideas Try a Mod Monkey Theme

If you're looking for some 1st birthday party ideas you should take a look at the Mod Monkey party theme.

1st birthday monkey party supplies are easy to find for your little monkey's first birthday party and these little monkey party supplies come in both pink and blue, making it the perfect first birthday theme for a girl or a boy.

You don't need to go crazy when you are shopping for monkey birthday supplies for a first birthday party...but it is fun to do so! Your one year old won't realize that you went overboard and bought tons of party supplies for his or her first birthday party.

Mod Monkey, the monkey party theme has everything you will need for a baby's first year celebration including plates that say "1st" on them. Get a few monkey theme birthday accessories, a couple balloons and find a cute little plush monkey toy that the toddlers you have invited to your monkey theme birthday party will enjoy playing with.

Pink Mod Monkey T-Shirt (3T)

Pink Mod Monkey T-Shirt (4T)

Pink Mod Monkey Ultimate Party Pack

I know, it's fun to shop for party goods, especially when it's the first time you are doing it. Of course you want everything to be perfect, after all, it's for your baby. You're celebrating your little angel's first birthday. Funny how quickly that year has gone by, isn't it!

When you are planning a baby's first birthday or a child's 10th birthday, you should start your planning with a party budget. That will help you to keep your party affordable. You don't want to break the bank for a birthday party, so stick to your party's budget as best you can.

First and Toddler Party Ideas Include Some Fun Games

Yes, even 1st birthday party ideas should include some fun party games. For toddlers games like Duck, Duck, Goose are rousing and exciting. How about having a fun "Who is a Monkey Contest Another game that's really a song is, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider. Try a round or two of Freeze Dance...I have to laugh at that one. Usually 1, 2 or 3 year olds don't like to stop dancing. You will laugh with pure joy when this happens, it is really funny! Ring Around the Rosy is another simple game that you can play at your baby's first birthday celebration. Plan on a few more games if you have invited some older kids. You don't want them to get bored!

Mod Monkey Essential Party Pack

Mod Monkey Giant Wall Decals

Keep Your 1st Birthday Party Ideas Simple

Since 1st birthday party ideas are for one year olds, keep your birthday party short. One year olds need their rest, so plan on about an hour to one hour and a half for your party. Time it so it is after nap time.

You won't need lots of food either, so just plan on some cupcakes...which you can make yourself. Use some vanilla wafers for monkey ears and different color frosting for the rest of the face. Check out our Monkey cupcake decorating ideas for instructions on how to make your cupcakes look like a monkey.

There are several different patterns in the monkey party supplies. You can choose from Mod Monkey, Curious George or just a silly monkey pattern. Which ever monkey design you choose, I'm sure it will be a big hit with your one year old!

Not sure if this is the theme for you? Just check out our other first birthday party themes to see some more fun party theme ideas.

Mod Monkey Signature Matte with White Frame

Pink Mod Monkey Signature Matte with White Frame

Monkey Foam Paddle Ball Set

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