15th Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen

15th birthday party ideas for your teen aren't always easy to come up with, but we've got a few party theme ideas teens will love.

It can be a challenge to find some fun 15th birthday party ideas but we've come up with a list that will help you find a fun party theme that is perfect for any age group. There are so many different theme ideas to sort through that it can be rather confusing. Here are a few popular party ideas to make your teen's 15th birthday, a party to remember.

Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas

Hawaiian birthday party ideas are lots of fun if you are celebrating your 15th birthday. Get out those crazy Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, and flip flops and have a summer pool party with a touch of the tropics. Decorate the party area with inflatable palm trees, grass skirt tablecloths, colorful birds, and a fisherman's net with tropical fish. Use tiki torches and white Christmas style lights to light the party area.

Choosing a Hawaiian theme for your 15th birthday party ideas is an easy way to throw a fun party with some great entertainment ideas your teen will enjoy. A luau might not be the first thing to pop into your mind when you are considering 15th birthday party ideas, but it might be the perfect one for you when you see all the fun ideas and activities that come with it.

Hawaiian pizza, fruit, and kabobs make great foods to use with your Hawaiian birthday party ideas. Teens can enjoy playing games like limbo and beach style volleyball. Teens this age may also like dancing to their favorite dance tunes, so a big open dance area would be a great addition to the party area. Greet each guest with a special lei upon their arrival and of course, the customary Hawaiian greeting, Aloha.

Hawaiian party supplies and party favors are easy to find. Check out our Luau party page to see a volcano cake. Get some Hawaiian music and have a hula contest. Teach the kids how to do the hula. Get some hula hoops and have a contest. See who can turn that hoop the longest. See who can manage the most hoops. It's great fun for everyone...even teenagers!

Don't forget the Limbo. How low can you go? All you need is a pole and some music. Use sand craft kits as a party activity. These sand craft kits come with everything you need to make some cute Hawaiian pictures. Keyrings, temporary Hawaiian theme tattoos or inflatable flamingos make great party favors, and don't forget grass skirts!

You can also find a Surfer Dude Photo Prop. Let each of your guests get behind it and put their head through the hole and take a picture. It's the perfect momento to give each of you Hawaiian birthday party guests!

Laser Tag

A Laser Tag party is another possibility when you are thinking about 15th birthday party ideas. A fun favorite of many teens is the game of laser tag, so why not turn this into the theme of your party. There are many different laser tag arenas nationwide and many have party packages that can be helpful in planning your party. Bright neon colors and glow sticks make great decorations for a laser tag party.

Most of the party time will be spent playing laser tag where the teens will wear a vest with special sensors on them. Teens will then aim at their friends vest and try to score points by hitting the most sensors during the game. Offer special prizes for the highest and even the lowest score holder.

American Idol Karaoke Party Ideas

15th birthday party ideas for that music loving teenager with these fun American Idol Karaoke party ideas. Let your teen become the next American Idol during this fun party. Send out invitations for an “Open Casting Call” and invite friends to come show off their talent at your party.

Black and silver streamers, balloons and table cloths make great decorations for an American Idol party. There are also some licensed American Idol 3D party supplies you can choose.

Use a karaoke machine or stereo and plastic microphones for the performances. Parents make great judges and should have a special table to sit at while judging the teens for the best performance, the best dressed performer, and even give a special prize to the funniest performer. Pizza, hot dogs, or tacos make great energy food for the next American Idol winners.

Don't forget party favors. You can find a light up guitar that comes with gum shaped like guitar picks or the plastic microphone that everyone will be singing into all night. Or you might decide on the temporary American Idol tattoos.

Make sure to film the auditions so you can all sit back and watch them later. There are plenty of game ideas you can use with this teen party theme too. How about the old time TV show, Name that Tune. Find out how many notes it will take your guests to name that tune! Use trivia questions about past American Idol contestants to play some musical trivia. Teens love music and music is what American Idol is all about. You can see more American Idol party supplies at our American Idol Party Ideas page.

Need some help with the music selections? Songs are a huge part of these 15th birthday party ideas, so how about some American Idol CDs?

Twilight and New Moon Party Ideas

A Twilight or New Moon Party theme is perfect for 15th birthday party ideas. If your 15 year old is a Stephenie Meyer fan, this might be the perfect party theme for them. The Twilight Saga, which consists of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, is one of the most popular series of books for teenage girls. 15 year olds can be such romantics, it's only natural they would like the characters of this vampire/human love story. Teenager Bella Swan falls for Edward Cullen only to find out that Edward and his family are vampires.

There are Twilight party supplies available with pictures of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black on them. Party plates, cups and napkins plus lots of extra decorating help. Life size Stand ups of Bella, Edward, Jacob and other Twilight Saga characters are available. Posters, stickers, buttons and fun favor ideas like bags of candy blood or vampire fangs are available.

New Moon or Twilight trivia questions can be part of your party game ideas. See our Twilight Party Ideas page for more fun party game ideas. You can also find trivia questions and answers there and plenty of Twilight decorating ideas. Take a look at our how to make Twilight invitations page to make your own unique party invitations. If your son or daughter is a Twilight fan, you can't go wrong with a Twilight or New Moon party theme.

There are other 15th birthday party ideas you can think about. Perhaps your teen is into movies. Then a Movie Theme Party might be a good choice. This party theme can revolve around a particular movie or just the whole red carpet theme.

A Murder Mystery Party where you act out a who dunnit. The kids can get into their character and help solve the crime.

Everyone loves a Dress Up Party, so why not plan A Costume Party? You can use an era, the swinging days of the Oldies but Goodies 1950's, or the Peace and Love days of the 1960's. Get that old disco ball out for a 1980's Theme Party. Or make it a Scary Costume party with a Monster Mash theme.

Scavenger Hunt Parties are in vogue right now, and why not...they are fun! Choose one of your teens favorite things and focus the hunt around that theme. It can be a subject, or music, a hobby or a sport.

We hope these 15th birthday party ideas have helped you with your teenage party theme or at least given you some good ideas that you can combine with your own. It's not as difficult to come up with some fun and unique 15th birthday party ideas when you get your imagination going.

15th Birthday Party Ideas List

Here's a list of more theme ideas for a 15 year old's birthday party:

1. A Photo Booth Party - Can't find something much more fun than a photo booth!

2. A Sleepover - Just get the extra sleeping bags out from storage.

3. A Karaoke Party - Everyone loves to sing and it's even more fun when you set up a karaoke machine. You can even make videos of the kids when they are singing.

4. A Pool Party - If the weather is hot a pool party is the way to go.

5. A Movie Night Party - Set up chairs and a movie screen in the yard and host a movie night party.

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