10th Birthday Party Ideas For A Fun Kids Party

by Joy
(Lyndhurst, NJ, USA)

Monster Truck Edible Image For A 10 Year Olds Birthday Cake

Monster Truck Edible Image For A 10 Year Olds Birthday Cake

10th birthday party ideas for a fun kids party are not that difficult to come up with once you put on your party zone thinking cap. My son is going to be that magic age this fall so I have been giving it some thought.

Birthday Party Ideas: Age 10

Exciting birthday party ideas for a 10-year-old child must be a thrilling combination of childhood memories and young adult plans to be a hit with this important age group.

Great party themes can include:

Costume Contests: Children enjoy using make-up and body paints at this age to create just the right look for an occasion. It is possible to incorporate face painting into your party games and fun through supplying the children with some user-friendly supplies and a theme to work with.

Community Give-Back Events: Some children enjoy finding a community project to work on as an exciting part of their special day. These projects should be easy to accomplish so that there is still room for fun. Making craft projects for a nursing home, planting flowers in a community area, or a supervised light clean-up campaign are events that can be covered by your local newspaper.

Recreational Outings: Inexpensive recreational outings can include a bicycle trip with a picnic theme, a short hike up a hill, or a day lounging on the beach. Before leaving home, remember to have all of the children bring a permission slip that allows the adults in charge to seek medical services if an accident happens.

At a 10th birthday party, active games and activities should be planned for the guests. A popular game at some birthday parties today is fashioned after the popular reality show contests. Take a look at funny party games. Two or three challenges or an obstacle course is set-up for the children to enjoy. Buried treasures, balancing contests, or snowball stacking events can be very entertaining events for this age group at a 10th birthday party.

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